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How to Make Easy Homemade Pasta Dough

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A fool proof pasta dough method that will have you creating pasta magic in your kitchen in no time!


350g '00' flour

50g semola rimacinata flour 

228g eggs


  1. Please read all the information above plus step-by-step photos.
  2. Mix the flours together in a bowl then tip it out onto your bench. Create a well in the centre of the flour mound, I use the bottom of a bowl to do this so it is nice and firm.
  3. Tip the eggs into the well and start to whisk them with a fork, breaking up the yolks and gradually incorporating the flour from around the sides into the middle.
  4. Keep doing this until the mixture in the middle is thick enough that it won’t escape or run out – a scrambled egg consistency!
  5. Go in with a bench scraper and start to fold it all together, cutting the egg mixture into the flour in an up and down motion. You are just trying to get a really evenly incorporated shaggy mixture.
  6. Bring it all together into a mound with your hands. Knead the mixture for a few minutes until it comes together into a workable ball. It will – don’t fear! If it feels dry you can wet your hands and keep kneading.
  7. When it comes together and has a slightly dimpled surface wrap it in cling film and rest for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes knead for a further 3 - 4  minutes until you have a nice smooth dough ball. The double rest is key!
  8. Wrap tightly and rest for at least 30 mins but I prefer an hour.


  1. Please check out my rolling guide in images above! 


  • You can use 400g '00' flour if you wish
  • If the dough feels dry at any stage, wet your hands with water and knead
  • Prep Time: 1 hour