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Easy herb laminated pasta dough

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  • Author: Emilie Pullar
  • Total Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Yield: 4 people


An easy but effective pasta technique where herbs are laminated right into the fresh pasta sheets. A fun way to add colour and texture.


1 x batch easy homemade pasta dough

1 x handful fresh soft herbs

Flour for dusting


  1. Make your pasta dough as usual and rest.
  2. I like to cut the dough into 6 pieces and work with them one at a time, keeping anything you aren't using tightly wrapped.
  3. Get a roasting tray and line the bottom with baking paper and put a damp tea towel over top.
  4. Roll out a dough sheet as your normally would and stop at setting 5 on a marcato machine (around setting 6 on a kitchen aid attachment)
  5. Cut the piece in half width ways  (I fold in half to get the cut line) and put one of the pieces in a roasting pan with a damp tea towel over top so it doesn't dry out.
  6. Lay the herbs however you like over the whole surface area of the sheet. Work quite quickly so the pasta sheet doesn't dry up and place the herbs quite close together. The pattern will be stretched out when rolled that's why you need to place them quite close together.
  7. Lay the second sheet over top gently then give it a press down and a light roll with a rolling pin.
  8. Cut the edges with a knife, this helps to seal the edges.
  9. Dust with flour and roll through the roller at setting 3 then through the settings until your desired thickness. I usually stop at 6 so the herbs don't get stretched too much.
  10. Use it however you wish!


  1. Check out the photos of the process above!
  2. You can use any herbs just keep them soft like parsley or sage. Sharp woody herbs like rosemary will pierce the pasta.
  3. Edible flowers work perfectly!
  4. Work quite quickly when laying the herbs on top so the sheet doesn't dry out. You can give it light spritz with water if it does.
  • Prep Time: 1 hour 30 mins
  • Category: Shapes + Guides
  • Method: Bench Top
  • Cuisine: Italian